Thank you for your interest in performing the “Old Timers Day Fest”. This is a great opportunity to network and be in front of potential fans, politicians, promoters, record execs and a whole lot more.

Below is information you need to know should you continue to find interest in performing at this event. They are as follow:

  • Performances are on a volunteer bases only. There is absolutely no compensation for performing at this event.
  • All performances must be free of obscenity and/or offensive material.
  • Performers will be assigned their performance time. Please make sure all members are present and ready to hit the stage. Performers must be ready or forfeit their stage time.
  • Performances may range from 5 to 25 minutes in length. Please keep your show with in your allotted time. You must have a steady professional flow to your performance.
  • Every act and its members must promote their participation in this event. Being placed in our lineup you agree to post, repost, like, share, pass out flyers and anything else available to help promote this event.
  • Make sure we have your performance needs. Send us a list of people performing with you, their instrument(s) and/or microphones needed.
  • Because of rapid set and personal changes the stage area and ramp to the stage must be clear at all times. If you’re not performing please clear the ramp and stage so we may keep the fest flowing.
  • Please… PLEASE… Everyone respect one another! We all are trying to make major things happen.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Have promotional material available to hand out.
  • Make sure your promotional material have contact information clearly visible.

So let’s make this a fantastic memorable event that you hopefully making meaningful connections to advance your careers.

Here’s basic info we need to consider your performance request.

Contact Name:
Email Address:
Music Style:
Performance Name:
Number On Stage:
Instrumentation: (List everything that will be on stage during your performance.) Preferred Performance Time(s):


(Fest is from 10am until 6:30pm * Maximum performance time is 25 minutes)
(Perferred time(s) may not be available.)

Click Here to download our fill in PDF submission form.