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TSO Web Radio is dedicated to offering an alternative to quench the listening thirst of those willing to be explored to a wide range of original composers, producers, musicians, company and so much more. Our goal is to bring great untarnished R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Pop and Gospel creations to the ears of the general public in hopes these great pieces of music heard through our broadcast earns support from listeners that like what they hear.

TSO Web Radio, short for The Smooth1 Web Radio, is a noncommercial web cast dedicated to streaming original music owned by our companies, affiliates and associates for the sole purpose of exposing our acts to those willing to listen. We look for clean non-offensive material to broadcast.

This hobby streaming web cast does not generate any money selling commercials spots of any kind. Nor do we charge fees to play anyone wishing to be heard through our stream. When we inform our listeners of something it is purely on the basis we believe our listeners may find interest in such information without any revenue being charged. We shall and always will reserve the right to be selective in what we broadcast, play and expose through our broadcast and promotional campaign(s).

We’ve setup different methods for our listeners to communicate with us, the artist and each other which are all free of charge. We plan to hold interviews, online concerts, listening and release parties and so much more online exposing these great talent. We use Skype, text chat, Facebook, emails and any other workable means.

We are extending the invitation to those who have material fitting our format(s) who wish to be exposed to our listeners. There is no charge what so ever for those whom music and/or information we broadcast. The only requirements are… you have the authority to waive any and all fees for playing your music, your recording is of good quality, curse free and is non offensive.... oh and you let people know we're playing your music.

We on the other hand reserve the right to be selective as to what we expose on our broadcast and promotion campaign(s). All information, music and/or promotion campaign(s) connected with our broadcast, companies, staff, associates and/or affiliates shall be solely at our discretion.

If you are interested in having your music place in rotation visit our submission page and fillout the form and send us your music for review. We ask that you like us on Facebook.

We’d like to thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy the shows.

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